Learn How To Lick Feet – Its As Easy As 1,2,3

How to Lick Feet -  Erotic City Drive

How to Lick Feet

Wondering how to lick feet? Many men and women have a fetish about feet. If you are one of them or involved in a relationship with one, you will want to learn how to lick feet just the right way so that you will both enjoy it. This can be a very erotic experience if done correctly. You will both learn how to enjoy a new part of your sexual life. Keeping the spice in a relationship is very important in making sure that it lasts.


  • A Couple
  • Your Mouth
  • A Pair of Feet
  1. First off you will slowly want to remove her socks and shoes. You can do this very nicely. If she has on socks, remove them with your teeth by grabbing the end and pulling them off. This will help to set the move for what is going to come next while you learn how to lick feet.
  2. Slowly start to lick the tip of her toes. You will lick the tips and then move slowly up each toe. Lick back down the toe moving your tongue gently. Don’t forget to look up in her eyes from time to time. You can also gently kiss her foot or toes for an added pleasure. Always use your tongue and your mouth. Do not use your teeth. Even a gentle bite does not feel good on feet.
  3. Sucking on her toes is very erotic.Start by taking one entire toe into your mouth and sucking on it gently. Start to suck harder and if she really enjoys it you can place more than one toe in your mouth.By: Katie
    Break Studios Contributing Writer

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